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Overview, Mission

This is your Opportunity!

We empower each child to grow and become a well-rounded citizen, because every child's future counts.
We believe Opportunity promotes maximum student achievement, therefore Opportunity staff will: 
  • Have high expectations for academics and behavior
  • Foster an environment where students are engaged in their learning
  • Provide a safe and welcoming climate
  • Work in close partnership with families and community
  • Allow students to set goals that connect their learning and behavior to their future
  • Collaborate to improve instruction, and promote and celebrate diversity
Vision - Our School is a dynamic learning community consisting of children, staff and families.
  • Students in our learning community are held to the highest expectations. Each child arrives to class on time, prepared and motivated to work. Individual children strive toward a personal standard of excellence. Students recognize their vital role in the learning process, set goals and take responsibility for their own success.
  • Staff are knowledgeable about current educational practices, are committed to and are excited about their jobs. Staff utilize these practices in their daily instruction. Collaboration is evident through team meetings and planning sessions where each member contributes to the overall team. Our staff understands the impact they have on student learning and strives to meet the individual needs of each child.
  • Families place a high value on education by speaking positively about school and staff with their children. To ensure that all children learn, adults provide a safe and caring environment. Parents foster their children's growth and learning by giving them the opportunity to take responsibility at home to do homework, read or study on a daily basis.